I started “crafting” when I was in elementary school. My mom, who tried many types of handcrafts (and was good at all of them) taught me how to stitch. I started an inventory of plastic canvas magnets in a shoebox. Along with those, a few wood pieces that my dad & brother had built and some crocheted, cross-stitched and painted items my mom did, we ventured into selling at local shows. I found that I enjoyed meeting so many people who appreciated even the simple craft I did.

As time went on I expanded my interests by doing some of the smaller woodwork, simple painting, sewing and floral arranging. We then started attending bigger shows. My brother and mom would help with the background duties while my dad and I would handle customer service. At one point we had discussed opening up a permanent shop.

In 1995, 1999 & 2000 my mother, brother and father passed away, respectively. Due to heartache, I had tried to stop making things and going to shows. I found however, that once God puts a passion in your heart, you must follow.

After attending bigger weekend festivals in the area and having been asked several times where my shop was located, I was gifted the opportunity to open up my permanent shop location.

Every item, display, wall color and so on has been thought out with great effort. I have a true appreciation for the talented craftsman all over the country and love to share their stories. I honor God by using the gifts He has given me to create things that people enjoy. I have a passion for 1700 & 1800s history and the simplicity of that time. I have put my heart in soul into all areas of my life. And this is just the beginning…..

Have faith. Live Simple. Be True.